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Keyword Search: helping people with dyslexia make the most of their abilities
We stock a wide range of software, gadgets, and other products for people with dyslexia, visual impairments and other disabilities.
Ginger Software Inc
Ginger Software’s revolutionary text correction tool uses context to automatically correct spelling mistakes, grammar errors and misused words. In a single click, whole sentences are corrected without changing the author's intent. Ginger tracks users’ mistakes and progress, enabling educators to monitor students and personalize instruction in a positive writing environment.
Kurzweil Educational Systems
Kurzweil Educational Systems, founded in 1996, is the industry leader and innovator of reading, writing and learning solutions for people with learning disabilities, and people who are blind or visually impaired.
Student Discounts UK
The Student links UK resource directory links to the best student sites on the internet for UK students looking for the student resources and discounts available on computers, travel, books etc.

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