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Davis Dyslexia Association International


The goals of DDAI are to increase worldwide awareness of:

  • the perceptual gifts, talents or potentials for genius that accompany and give rise to dyslexia;
  • effective methods for resolving the learning disability aspects of dyslexia.

DDAI and its worldwide affiliates accomplish these goals through:

DDAI is based in the United States and oversees training and licensing of Davis® providers worldwide. Affiliated Davis Dyslexia Associations have been established throughout the world, and co-ordinate training, licensing, and events within the regions they serve. These organizations serve the following countries and regions:

Davis Dyslexia Association International (San Francisco, California)
Oversees Activities for all Regional DDA Affiliates; arranges events and provides training and licensing for Davis providers in the United States, Canada, and all countries not serviced by a designated Davis Dyslexia Association affiliate.
DDA Africa (Kommetjie, Cape Town, South Africa)
All countries in Africa
DDA-D.A.CH (Hamburg, Germany)
Germany - Austria - Switzerland - France - Denmark - Greece - Italy
DDA Latin America (Monterrey, Mexico)
Mexico - Spain - Central America - South America
DDA-Nederland (Maria Hoop (near Roermond), Nederland)
Nederland - Belgium
DDA-Pacific (Dunedin, New Zealand)
New Zealand - Australia - Pacific Islands
Davis Learning Foundation (Malvern, Worcestershire, UK)
UK - Ireland - Portugal - Finland - Eastern Europe - India

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  1. To receive a free introductory issue of The Dyslexic Reader, fill out our on-line request form. (US and Canada only)
  2. Members of Davis Dyslexia Association International receive The Dyslexic Reader and enjoy a 10% discount on books and materials. Membership dues in the US are $50 per year or $80 for two years. To join, go to our on-line bookstore. Your membership dues directly support the continuation and expansion of services available through this website.
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