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Davis Facilitator Licensing Program

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For information about Davis Facilitator training and licensing, please visit our new site at


Gift of Dyslexia Workshop Basic Field Assignments Basic Practice Meeting Advanced Workshop Advanced Field Assignments Advanced Practice Meeting Licensing Training Pods Motivation and Responsibility Workshop Final Field Assignments Davis Licensing Flow Chart

Event Calendar & Enrollment

U.S. / Canada Workshop Information:

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Toll Free: 1-888-805-7216
Email: training@dyslexia.com

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Professional training is available to teachers, counselors, and others who wish to pursue a career providing Davis Dyslexia Correction® and Davis Math Mastery® programs, or to incorporate Davis programs into their existing practices.

DDAI has a firm commitment to ensuring that all licensed providers receive comprehensive training in a practical context, and can demonstrate their ability to successfully apply Davis methods.

The Davis Dyslexia Correction program is geared to children age 8 and over, and is always given in a one-on-one context. Classroom teachers, school directors or principals interested in implementing our early intervention or at-risk program for primary grade children should enroll in our Davis Learning Strategies Teacher Workshops.

Training is available through DDAI and its affiliates. DDAI is based in the United States and oversees training and licensing of Davis® providers worldwide. Affiliated Davis Dyslexia Associations have been established throughout the world, and co-ordinate training, licensing, and events within the regions they serve. These organizations serve the following countries and regions:

Davis Dyslexia Association International (San Francisco, California)
Oversees Activities for all Regional DDA Affiliates; arranges events and provides training and licensing for Davis providers in the United States, Canada, and all countries not serviced by a designated Davis Dyslexia Association affiliate.
DDA Africa (Kommetjie, Cape Town, South Africa)
All countries in Africa
DDA-D.A.CH (Hamburg, Germany)
Germany - Austria - Switzerland - France - Denmark - Greece - Italy
DDA Latin America (Monterrey, Mexico)
Mexico - Spain - Central America - South America
DDA-Nederland (Maria Hoop (near Roermond), Nederland)
Nederland - Belgium
DDA-Pacific (Dunedin, New Zealand)
New Zealand - Australia - Pacific Islands
Davis Learning Foundation (Malvern, Worcestershire, UK)
UK - Ireland - Portugal - Finland - Eastern Europe - India

Academic credit for the workshops, practice meetings, pods and field assignments required for licensing is available for courses completed in the U.S. and Canada. Students may opt for CEU credit or undergraduate/graduate university credit; credits are awarded via California State University East Bay. The full course sequence for licensing qualifies for up to 39 quarter units of credit.

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