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Listed below are research journal articles, academic papers, government sponsored reports, and books which report specific, original and independent research into Davis methods or tools.

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* Akhavan Tafti, Mahnaz, Mansoor Ali Hameedy, and Nahid Mohammadi Baghal. "Dyslexia, a deficit or a difference: Comparing the creativity and memory skills of dyslexic and nondyslexic students in Iran," Social Behavior and Personality. 37 (8), 1009-1016. Society for Personality Research, 2009.

* Ambrose, Patricia Philip; and Loh Sau Cheong. "Effects of the Clay Modeling Program on the Reading Behavior of Children with Dyslexia: A Malaysian Case Study," Asia-Pacific Education Researcher. 20 (3): 456-468. De La Salle University-Manila, 2011.

* Amsberry, Gianna; T. F. Mclaughlin; K. Mark Derby; Teresa Waco. "The Effects Of The Davis Symbol Mastery System To Assist A Fourth Grader With Dyslexia In Spelling: A Case Report," I-manager’s Journal On Educational Psychology. Vol. 6, No. 2, pp 13-18, August-October. 2012.

Carson, Patricia, and Reesa Sorin. "Symbol Mastery and the Retention of Dolch Spelling Words," 2014 IERG 9th International Conference on Imagination and Education. 13 June. 2014.

* de Fouchier, Flore. "Réflexions sur le devenir professionnel des personnes dyslexiques," June. Dissertation, Université Blaise Pascal, 2007.

* Department for Education and Skills. "The Davis counselling approach," A Framework for Understanding Dyslexia. London, UK, 2004.

* Engelbrecht. René Jeanne . "The effect of the Ron Davis programme on the reading ability and psychological functioning of children," Master's Thesis, Stellenbosch University, 2005.

* Feizipoor H., and Akhavan Tafti . "The Effectiveness of Davis Dyslexia Correction Method Re-examined in Iran ," New Thoughts on Education. Volume 1(1):39-50. Alzahra University, Spring 2005.

* Heidari, Taher, Shole Amiri, and Hosein Molavi. "Effect of the Davis training method on self-concept children with dyslexia," Journal of Behavioral Sciences. Volume 6, Number 2: 11-12 (Summer). 2012.

* Heidari T, Amiri Sh, Molavi H. "Effectiveness of Davis Dyslexia Correction Method on Reading Performance of Dyslexic Children," Journal of Applied Psychology. 6(2(22)):41-58, Summer. 2012.

* Helga Gunnarsdóttir. "Dyslexía og líðan," Dissertation, University of Akureyri, 2008.

Hess, Dwayne. "A Case Study in Teaching Reading to the Adult Learner," Master's Thesis. Coppin State University, 2009.

* Katrín Møller Eiríksdóttir. "Lok, lok á læsi : lesblinda og athugun á áhrifum Davis-aðferðarinnar í kennslustofunni," Lokaverkefni - grunnskólabraut. Dissertation, University of Akureyri. 2004.

* Kramer, Sara. "Is there a link between perceptual talent and dyslexia?," The Journal of Inclusive Practice in further and higher education . Issue 7. 2016.

* Lee, Lay Wah. "The Davis Model of Dyslexia Intervention: Lessons from One Child," Pertanika J. Soc. Sci. & Hum.. 18 (1): 133 - 139. Universiti Putra Malaysia Press, 2010. [ISSN:  ]

* Pavey, Barbara. The Dyslexia-Friendly Primary School. Paul Chapman, 2007. Google Books Link Amazon Link [ISBN: 9781412910309 ]

* Serrano-Lopez, Maria A.. "Three-dimensional clay modeling instruction: A pathway to spatial concept formation in second language learners.," University of Arizona, Doctoral Dissertation., 2003.

* Serrano-Lopez, Maria and Matthew E. Poehner. "Materializing linguistic concepts through 3-D clay modeling," Sociocultural theory and the teaching of second languages. Equinox Pub., 2008. Amazon Link [ISBN: 9781845532505 ]

* Shayan, Nasrm, Mahnaz Akhvan Tafti, Hasan Asheri. "Impact of Davis Dyslexia Correction Method on the Improvement of the Adult Dyslexic's Reading Skills," Journal of Educational Psychology Studies. 7(12):23-46, Fall 2010-Winter. 2011.

* Silverman, Linda Kreger. Upside-Down Brilliance: The Visual-Spatial Learner. DeLeon Publishing, 2002. Google Books Link [ISBN: 9781932186000 ]

* Smallridge, Danella. Delving into Dyslexia. Report, New Zealand Sciences Mathematics Technology Teaching Fellowship. 2009.

* Tressoldi, Patrizio E; Claudio Vio, Maria Luisa Lurosso, Andrea Facoetti, and Roberto Iozzino. "Confronto di efficacia ed efficienza tra trattamenti per il miglioramento della lettura in soggetti dislessic," Psicologia Clinica Dello Sviluppo. VII, n. 3: 481-493. 2003.

* van Staden, A; A. Tolmie; MG Badenhorst. "Enhancing intermediate dyslexic learners' literacy skills: a Free State community project ," Africa Education Review. Volume 6, Issue 2, pages 295-307. Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, October 2009.

* Von Schwarzenfeld, Brigitte K. "Vier oder Fiehr? Legasthenie -- eine unerkannte Fähigkeit," Erziehungskunst. Vol 2, pp. 146-154. 2009.

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