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Investment Banker, Philanthropist

I went through life until 40 before I knew about dyslexia. I didn’t get interested in the subject until my youngest son was diagnosed.

When I look at the words “the cat crossed the street,” I have to sound it out to get meaning. Most people get meaning in an automated way.

I majored in economics. The first two years I struggled because there were so many subjects. I flunked English twice. They just passed me through the third time. I got an F in French. I had a tough enough time with the first language. When I came out of public high school I thought I could charm my teachers. I found out in college I couldn’t.

Now that I’m older and focused on investments and economics, I can see some words and concepts clearly. I don’t have to go through the slow manipulation in my mind. But if you gave me a book on some subject that I’m not familiar with, it would take me twice as long to read it as anybody else. Even then, I’d have a tough time answering questions on what I’ve read.


  • Katie

    What r the best careers for students w Dyslexia? My daughter was just diagnosed ,16.5 years old.

    • Abigail Marshall, DDAI webmaster

      Dyslexics can pretty much do anything they set their minds to. Each person is different, so there is no “best” career in general. As a parent, you can encourage your daughter to pursue areas of interest to her, and also help her appreciate her own strengths and talents.

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