Natasha Solomons

Contemporary Novelist

I always knew I wanted to be a writer. I’m a story monster. But I’m dyslexic so learning to write was really hard for me. As is spelling the word dyslexic. It’s a really mean word to give to people who struggle with spelling.

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  • Gregory K

    I always knew I had a problem I want to the public schools graduating grammar school in 1976 I do not find a mini years later that I graduated with a second grade reading level and 55 years old I live in Pierre, South Dakota I am a prep cook in Italian restaurant I’m trying to get my GED and I am going to rewrite with Baron Reading and spelling system but before I came to South Dakota I was a law-enforcement officer without a high school, you have to write down every words that I use every day it’s very hard today go on with life because I think I’m a loser but my tutor tell me I’m not many other people are gift and I’m one

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