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Information about traits of dyslexia and diagnosis.



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  • Meg Jay

    Is it possible to be dislexic and to be a verbal thinker, not a picture thinker?

    Many many symptoms I read in your website for me except this party, yet being a picture thinker seems to be Central to your definition of dyslexia?

    Thank you for your work it is very interesting and I see a lot of people are benefiting from this

    • Abigail Marshall, DDAI webmaster

      Based on our experience and also on the findings of other researchers, we think that 80-85% of dyslexics are mostly picture-thinkers — or at least mostly nonverbal thinkers.

      You are correct that most of the information on our website is geared to that picture-thinking profile.

      However, a person does not have to be a picture-thinker in order to benefit from our approach and the tools we use.

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