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Research Topic: Infant Brain Development and Dyslexia

Studies of infants with a family history of dyslexia have shown that differences in brain function can be detected as early as two months. These include differences in the way the brain responds to speech sounds as well as differences in growth patterns of the... Read more →

El Método Davis

Spanish Language article, describing the implementation of Davis methods at a primary school in Spain. Read more →

Dyslexia Talk – Being Learning Able

Sue Blyth Hall, has a message for everyone connected with so-called learning disabilities. ‘Everyone is learning able IF they are enabled to learn in the way they were born to learn.’ Her message is so different and needs to be heard because not only does... Read more →

mother and daughter

Removing Obstacles to Learning

When Christina’s younger daughter, Edena (then 6), was diagnosed with dyslexia in 2009, she was determined to look for an intervention programme that could help her catch up with her reading age within the shortest time possible. She and her husband also decided to defer... Read more →

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Research Topic: Letter Names and Alphabet Learning

Educators agree that alphabetic knowledge is essential for good reading, but differ as to the methods used for teaching. Many educators encourage teaching letter names first, but others advocate teaching of letter sounds before names. Research shows that learning the names of letters can facilitate... Read more →

Jane Severinsen

Davis Facilitator is New Principal in New Zealand School

A new principal with a passion for rural teaching has been appointed at Waitaki Valley School, in Kurow. Jane Severinsen has worked in education for 25 years, nearly 20 of which were spent as head teacher. She is a registered Davis dyslexia facilitator and a... Read more →


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