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abstract drawing

Comparative Reviews of Methods

List of research articles, literature reviews, agency reports, and books describing or exploring Davis methods as compared with other theories and approaches. Read more →

Interview with Axel Gudmundsson

TOMz – South Africa

An interview with Axel Gudmundsson, director of DDA-Africa.  Includes an overview of Davis methods and the gifts and talents tied to dyslexia.   Read more →

Logo- Swords & Stationery

Swords and Stationery Interview

As an educational therapist, I’ve worked closely with many parents of special needs children. I’ve seen the struggles that they can face, where oftentimes confusion and despair come from not having a firm, solid shoulder to lean on. Recently, I came across a parent-support group... Read more →

Kendi Oketch

My battle with dyslexia

My name is Kendi Kamanja Oketch. By the time I was in Standard Four, I was already struggling with reading and comprehension. I always came last whenever we sat an exam. This year, I decided to seek help and my first stop was online, where I... Read more →


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