An open book on dyslexia

An open book on dyslexia

from Roodspoort Northsider

Published on 11/01/2016 - Reported by Amy Ingram
Featuring the work of René Christiane

Dios Los Ninos schoolchildren ended their week-long reading and dyslexia awareness campaign by dressing up as their favourite fictional character.

Licensed facilitator, René Christiane, who practices the Davis dyslexia method and has worked with some of the school’s pupils said, “If parents suspect that their children are dyslexic, they can take a free test on the website with an educational psychologist. The key is not to leave it too late.

“Parents need to be understanding and know that their child is trying and they should be aware that help is available,” she said.

As of next year, Christiane will have her own practice at the school.