Rumsey Horwitz 1999

A functional lesion in developmental dyslexia: left angular gyral blood flow predicts severity. (1999 – Journal Article) (Rumsey JM, Horwitz B, Donohue BC, Nace KL, Maisog JM, Andreason P.)

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Welcome Leonard 2010

Alternate reading strategies and variable asymmetry of the planum temporale in adult resilient readers (2010 – Journal Article and Open Access) (Suzanne E. Welcome, Christiana M. Leonard, Christine Chiarello)

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Welcome Chiarello C 2011

Reading Skill is Related to Individual Differences in Brain Structure in College Students (2011 – Journal Article and Open Access) (Welcome Suzanne E, Chiarello Christine, Thompson Paul M, Sowell Elizabeth R)

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