Authors: Hassanin M. Al-Barhamtoshy, Diaa M. Motaweh.

Article: Diagnosis of Dyslexia using computation analysis.

Publication: International Conference on Informatics, Health & Technology (ICIHT) 2017 | DOI: 10.1109/ICIHT.2017.7899141

This paper introduces to diagnosis of Dyslexia using computing system, considered people difficulties in reading, spelling, writing and speaking. Consequently, a computational analysis classifier will be achieved using dyslexia metrics techniques. Accordingly, Gibson test of brain skills will be used with effect of working memory, auditing (hearing and speech) and visual memory and cognition, visual and auditing perceptions, writing and motor skills, math and time management, behavior, health, development and personality, cognitive ability in peoples with learning specially reading difficulties taken into our consideration. Computation analysis with classifiers will be used to analyze the proposed dataset that includes 80 children records. This computation model is designed and implemented to help uncover the underlying problems that may affect learning to read or write as well as problems that may also cause issues with memorizes comprehension. This model is implemented to help counselors and parents understand the difficulty and get kid in the correct passageway to education success.

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