Authors: Corkett, Julie K.; Rauno Parrila, Serge F. Hein.

Article: Learning and study strategies of university students who report a significant history of reading difficulties.

Publication: Developmental Disabilities Bulletin Vol 34, No. 1 & 2, pp 57-79 2006

The self‐reported study and learning strategies used by university
students reporting a significant history of reading difficulties (HRD; N =
29) were compared to those of university students who reported no history
of reading difficulties (NRD; N = 38). All participants were given a
battery ofstandardized tests and completed a questionnaire that addressed
demographic information; reading, spelling and educational experiences;
and learning and study strategies. Significantly more HRD than NRD
participants reported using study strategies at both the secondary and
post‐secondary level. No significant differences were found in reported use
of learning strategies at the secondary level, but significantly more HRD
participants reported participating in classroom discussions and using
organizationalstrategies at the post‐secondary level. The findings suggest
that university students with a history of reading difficulties use study
strategies and, at the post‐secondary level, some learning strategies to a
greater degree than students without such difficulties. We suggest that
this is likely a means of compensating for their remaining reading

Excerpts from Full Text / Notes:

Cited Davis, but indicates that their research does not support the idea that dyslexics use visual strategies to study.

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