Dodge Smith-2018

Authors: Cathy Dodge Smith.


Publication: Out of Autism (FriesenPress). 2018

At a time in history when awareness of autism is increasing in society, Cathy Dodge Smith’s latest book, Out of Autism, emerges as a scholarly and useable resource for clinicians, parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and individuals diagnosed with ASD. The author describes the Davis Autism Approach Program, augmenting her narrative with visual illustrations, case studies, testimonials, and links to outside resources. She takes the reader on the journey out of autism with her clients, bringing it to life so that the reader gets a clear picture of what actually happens in the program. Without ignoring or minimizing the difficulties experienced by individuals with ASD and their families, Dodge Smith provides a positive perspective on how things can be better. No matter what your interest in ASD, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to delve into a fresh, creative approach to managing this disorder. Dodge Smith’s purpose in writing Out of Autism is to get the word out that there is a powerful, new, respectful and effective approach to the treatment of ASD. She takes complex issues and articulates them in new and clear ways, accessible to the average reader.

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