Authors: Teddy D. Roop, Kathleen S. Howe.

Article: Teacher Educators' Beliefs, Self-Efficacy, and Perceptions Related to Dyslexia: Phase I.

Publication: Literacy Practice and Research Vol. 47: No. 3, Article 4 2022

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Educators are often blamed by dyslexia organizations and advocates for failing to provide appropriate reading instruction for students, including the identification and instruction of students with dyslexia. As a result, states are responding with legislation on how reading should be taught. This study focuses on including the voices of teacher educators, who largely were not included in the process of informing legislation. It sought to understand their: (a) beliefs about dyslexia; (b) self-efficacy for working with students with dyslexia and other reading challenges; and (c) perceptions about their programs and dyslexia legislation.

Tagged as: educators, survey, and teachers


Roop, Teddy D. and Howe, Kathleen S. (2022) “Teacher Educators’ Beliefs, Self-Efficacy, and Perceptions Related to Dyslexia: Phase I,” Literacy Practice and Research: Vol. 47: No. 3, Article 4.

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