Authors: Siddaiah, A., Padakannaya, P..

Article: Rapid Automatized Naming and Reading: A Review.

Publication: Psychological Studies (Springer). 60, pages70–76 2015 | DOI: 10.1007/s12646-014-0280-8

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Most of the studies on naming speed have shown that rapid automatized naming (RAN) test to be a useful concurrent and future predictor of reading ability in children. Individuals who show poor performances on RAN tasks are likely to have difficulty in reading. According to the double deficit hypothesis (DDH) deficits in phonological awareness (PA) and RAN are the primary causative factors of reading disability (RD). The present review presents the origin of RAN test, its measures, its relationship with reading, phonological awareness, and general speed of processing in the light of available research.

Tagged as: cross-linguistic, double deficit, orthographic processing, processing speed, and Rapid automatic naming


Siddaiah, A., Padakannaya, P. Rapid Automatized Naming and Reading: A Review. Psychol Stud 60, 70–76 (2015).

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