Authors: Kateřina Šimčíková.

Article: Creativity in Dyslexic Individuals.

Publication: The Educational Review, USA 2(9), 458-467 2018 | DOI: 10.26855/er.2018.09.001

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The literature review analyzes seven specialized papers, which are focused on issues of
increased creativity of individuals with dyslexia. In connection with dyslexia, it starts
to talk not only about deficits, but also about its possible positives, which develop in
the context of possible weaknesses. In individuals with dyslexia are mentioned
excellent visualization skills and increased creative potential. Based on some results of
foreign research studies was proven a significantly higher level of creativity in persons
with dyslexia in comparison with intact individuals in the group of adults with an
average age greater than 18 years. Significantly higher level of acquired scores was not
proven in children with dyslexia. It can be concluded that people with dyslexia have
undoubtedly a specific creative potential.

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