Visual and social differences in dyslexia: deep phenotyping of four cases with spared phonology (2022 – Open Access) (Eleanor R. Palser, Zachary A. Miller, Abigail E. Licata, Nicole A. Yabut, Swati P. Sudarsan, Boon Lead Tee, Jessica A. Deleon, Maria […]

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Impaired neural entrainment to low frequency amplitude modulations in English-speaking children with dyslexia or dyslexia and DLD (2023 – Journal Article) (Varghese Peter, Usha Goswami, Denis Burnham, Marina Kalashnikova)

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Disentangling influences of dyslexia, development, and reading experience on effective brain connectivity in children (2033 – Open Access and Pre-Print) (Sarah V. Di Pietro, David Willinger, Nada Frei, Christina Lutz, Seline Coraj, Chiara Schneider, Philipp Stämpfli, Silvia Brem)

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