Brain activity in struggling readers before intervention relates to future reading gains. (2018 – Journal Article) (Tehila Nugiel, Mary Abbe Roe, W. Patrick Taylo, Paul T. Cirino, Sharon R. Vaughn, Jack M. Fletcher, Jenifer Juranek, Jessica A. Church)

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Control Engagement During Sentence and Inhibition fMRI Tasks in Children With Reading Difficulties (2018 – Open Access) (Mary Abbe Roe, Joel E Martinez, Jeanette A Mumford, W Patrick Taylor, Paul T Cirino, Jack M Fletcher, Jenifer Juranek,and Jessica A Church)

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Understanding the relation between reading and anxiety among upper elementary students with reading difficulties (2024 – Journal Article) (Sarah Fishstrom, Philip Capin, Anna-Mari Fall, Gregory Roberts, Amie E. Grills & Sharon Vaughn)

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