Text Reading Fluency and Text Reading Comprehension Do Not Rely on the Same Abilities in University Students With and Without Dyslexia (2022 – Journal Article and Open Access) (Hélène Brèthes, Eddy Cavalli, Ambre Denis-Noël, Jean-Baptiste Melmi, Abdessadek El Ahmadi, Maryse […]

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Visual and social differences in dyslexia: deep phenotyping of four cases with spared phonology (2022 – Open Access) (Eleanor R. Palser, Zachary A. Miller, Abigail E. Licata, Nicole A. Yabut, Swati P. Sudarsan, Boon Lead Tee, Jessica A. Deleon, Maria […]

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History of Reading Struggles Linked to Enhanced Learning in Low Spatial Frequency Scenes (2012 – Journal Article and Open Access) (Matthew H. Schneps, James R. Brockmole, Gerhard Sonnert, Marc Pomplun)

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