The role of visual attention in dyslexia: Behavioral and neurobiological evidence (2021 – Open Access) (Nikolay Taran, Rola Farah, Mark DiFrancesco, Mekibib Altaye, Jennifer Vannest, Scott Holland, Keri Rosch, Bradley L. Schlaggar, Tzipi Horowitz-Kraus)

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Brain activity in struggling readers before intervention relates to future reading gains. (2018 – Journal Article) (Tehila Nugiel, Mary Abbe Roe, W. Patrick Taylo, Paul T. Cirino, Sharon R. Vaughn, Jack M. Fletcher, Jenifer Juranek, Jessica A. Church)

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The Behavioral and Neurobiological Relationships between Executive Function and Reading: A Review of Current and Preliminary Findings (2023 – Journal Article) (Andrea N. Burgess, Laurie E. Cutting)

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