Relationships between Categorical Perception of Phonemes, Phoneme Awareness, and Visual Attention Span in Developmental Dyslexia (2016 – Open Access) (Rachel Zoubrinetzky ,Gregory Collet,Willy Serniclaes,Marie-Ange Nguyen-Morel,Sylviane Valdois)

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They Say You Can Do Phonemic Awareness Instruction “In the Dark”, But Should You? A Critical Evaluation of the Trend Toward Advanced Phonemic Awareness Training (2021 – Journal Article and Pre-Print) (Nathan H. Clemens, Emily J. Solari, Devin M. Kearns, […]

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Reduced Theta Sampling in Infants at Risk for Dyslexia across the Sensitive Period of Native Phoneme Learning (2022 – Journal Article and Open Access) (Maria Mittag, Eric Larson, Samu Taulu, Maggie Clarke, and Patricia K. Kuhl)

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