Electrophysiological correlates of impaired reading in dyslexic pre-adolescent children (2012 – Journal Article) (Susana Araújo, Inês Bramão, Luís Faísca, Karl Magnus Petersson, Alexandra Reis)

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Neural sampling of the speech signal at different timescales by children with dyslexia (2022 – Open Access and Pre-Print) (Kanad Mandke, Sheila Flanagan, Annabel Macfarlane, Fiona Gabrielczyk, Angela Wilson, Joachim Gross, Usha Goswami)

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University Students with a Significant Historyof Reading Difficulties:What Is and Is Not Compensated? (2007 – Journal Article and Open Access) (Rauno Parrila, George Georgiou, Julie Corkett)

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