Mapping the reading circuitry for skilled deaf readers: an fMRI study of semantic and phonological processing (2013 – Journal Article) (Karen Emmorey, Jill Weisberg, Stephen McCullough, Jennifer A F Petrich)

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Tracking reading skills and reading-related skills in dyslexia before (age 5) and after (ages 10–17) diagnosis (2023 – Journal Article) (Elise Lefèvre, Eddy Cavalli, Pascale Colé, Jeremy M. Law & Liliane Sprenger-Charolles)

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The relationship between phonological processing and arithmetic in children with learning disabilities (2022 – Journal Article and Open Access) (Anna A. Matejko, Melanie Lozano, Nicole Schlosberg, Cameron McKay, Lucy Core, Cambria Revsine, Shelby N. Davis, Guinevere F. Eden)

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