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Davis Dyslexia Programs & Training Throughout the World

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Davis Facilitators are available in more than 45 nations worldwide, and offer services in more than 30 languages. For a complete listing of all licensed Davis providers, visit www.davismethod.org

Davis Training Information Davis Training Information

Davis Dyslexia Association International (DDAI) offers professional-level training in all of our methods in many countries and languages. Our workshops are geared to teachers, parents, therapists, and other interested adults. In addition to general workshops, we offer a complete sequence of training leading to licensing as a Davis Facilitator.

For a full schedule and description of training events, visit www.davistraining.info

The Gift of Dyslexia has been published in 21 languages:
ArabicThe Gift of Dyslexia - Arabic edition
Chinese:The Gift of Dyslexia - Chinese edition
Croation:Dar disleksije.
Dansk:Den begavede dyslektiker.
Deutsch:Legasthenie als Talentsignal.
English:The Gift of Dyslexia. (American)
 The Gift of Dyslexia. (British)
Español:El Dón de la dislexia.
Français:Le Don de dyslexie.
Greek:The Gift of Dyslexia - Greek Edition.
Hebrew:The Gift of Dyslexia - Hebrew Edition.
Icelandic:Náðar-gáfan lesblinda.
Italiano:Il Dono della dislessia.
Japanese:The Gift of Dyslexia - Japanese Edition.
Korean:The Gift of Dyslexia - Korean edition
Nederlands:De Gave van Dyslexie.
Polski:Dar Dysleksji.
Portuguesa:O dom da dislexia.
Russian:Дар дислексии
Serbian:Dar disleksije
Slovenšcina:Dar Disleksije
Svensk:Den dyslektiska Gåvan.

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