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Davis Dyslexia Association International

Learn about the positive side of dyslexia and effective strategies to help children, teenagers and adults overcome struggles at school or in the workplace. Our site provides:

Why is dyslexia a gift?

boy with clay

Dyslexic people are highly creative, intuitive, and excel at three-dimensional problem solving and hands-on learning. Our visual and holistic learning style means that we learn best through the creative process, with methods that focus on mastery of the meanings of words and symbols.

The true gift of dyslexia is the gift of mastery. When we use learning methods that fit our thinking style, we can excel in academics and read and write efficiently.

What is Davis Dyslexia Correction?

  • Davis Dyslexia Correction® provides tools to overcome problems with reading, writing, and attention focus. Our methods enable children and adults to recognize and control the mental processes that cause distorted perceptions of letters and words. Once students can be sure that their perceptions are accurate, they can resolve the underlying cause of their learning difficulties through methods that build upon their creative and imaginative strengths.

The Gift of DyslexiaThe Davis approach is not based on tutoring or drill, but actually resolves the root causes of problems experienced by individuals with language-based learning difficulties. The Davis program is explained in detail in the book, The Gift of Dyslexia.

Now available in: American English | British English | Arabic | Chinese  | Croatian | Danish | Dutch | French | German | Greek | Hebrew | Icelandic | Italian |Japanese | Korean | Polish | Portuguese | Russian | Serbian | Slovenian | Spanish |Swedish

The Gift of Learning
  • Davis Math Mastery® provides tools to correct problems learning math. This program is available as an alternative to the basic Dyslexia Correction program, or can be done as a supplemental program. Our tools for math, handwriting, and ADHD are detailed in The Gift of Learning.

  • Davis Learning Strategies® is our classroom-based program for primary grades (age 5-8). These techniques provide meaning-based instruction and attention focusing tools to help young children and at-risk students become capable learners.
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A model way to beat dyslexia

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