Books by Davis Professionals

SOS mon enfant est dys

[Valet, Carol; Carol Nelson; Jennifer Delrieu; and Claudine Gardères • Hachette Pratique 2017]

This book is the work of four Davis Facilitators, Carol Valet, Carol Nelson, Jennifer Delrieu, and Claudine Gardères. Two are mothers of dyslexic boys and two taught English as a second language.

The book details the personal experiences of each of the facilitators, with their own children and students, and in providing the Davis program.

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Learning Your Times Tables - In Three Bold Steps: Making Multiplications Easy for Visual Learners

[Hoi, Barbara • Amazon Digital Services 2016]

This book will help anybody to learn their times tables – but especially the 6, 7 and 8 times tables. Most dyslexics are picture thinkers – and therefore visual learners. Learning by rote, as most students remember the times tables, does not come easily to them. In a practical and logical way, the author provides a guide that enables all learners to remember their multiplication facts.

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Fish Don't Climb Trees: A Whole New Look at Dyslexia

[Hall, Sue Blyth • FriesenPress 2015]

Sue Hall is a licensed Davis Facilitator in North Vancouver, Canada and the founder of The Whole Dyslexic Society.

Fish Don’t Climb Trees relates the author’s own experiences growing up as student struggling with dyslexia, and provides helpful guidance on teaching and parenting dyslexic children.

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Nurturing the Secret Garden: A Guide to Reading Mastery

[Hoi, Barbara. Adapted from a work by Frances Hodgson Burnett. • CreateSpace 2014]

Barbara Hoi’s adaptation of the classic children’s novel, The Secret Garden, is designed to as a companion for Davis Symbol Mastery.  The book provides a narrative structure and reinforces the practical aspect and the goals of word mastery, as well as providing continued motivation as the story progresses.

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The Right Brain for the Right Time: Unlock the Dyslexic Potential and Transform from a Frustrated Reader to an Inspiring Leader

[Hoi, Barbara • CreateSpace 2013]

Barbara Hoi of Sydney, Australia is a licensed Davis Facilitator and Davis Autism Facilitator/Coach.

 The Right Brain for the Right Time  relates stories from Barbara’s own practice, explores the many talents associated with dyslexia, and is full of grounded, practical advice and tips and suggestions.

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The Everything Parent's Guide to Children with Dyslexia (2nd Edition)

[Marshall, Abigail • Everything Books 2013]

Abigail Marshall is the parent of a dyslexic son, and a co-founder of Davis Dyslexia Association International.  In this book, now in its second edition, she provides a comprehensive overview of the symptoms and likely causes of dyslexia, the process of learning to read, a variety of educational and therapeutic approaches, and the school IEP process. The book also contains practical suggestions for parents to help with homework and other school problems.

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Picture It! Teaching Visual Spatial Learners

[Maxwell, Betty; and Crystal Punch • CreateSpace 2012]

Davis Facilitator Crystal Punch teamed with educator Betty Maxwell of the Gifted Development Center to write this book geared to teachers and homeschoolers. This illustrated  book is full of practical tips and advice for working with students who learn best through visual or hands-on activities. The book contains suggestion for a wide range of activities and school subjects, such as math, writing, and organizational skills.

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The Story of Evee's Sister: Playmaginating Dyslexia

[Attebery, Kelly Ann • CreateSpace 2010]

Kelley Ann Attebery is a parent who worked to change the laws of her home state to require that children be screened for dyslexia. Following her own daughter’s success with a Davis program, Kelley trained to become a Facilitator herself; she was a licensed Davis provider from 2012-2015.

The Story of Evie’s Sister is a children’s book which describes the impact of a younger sibling’s dyslexia and the journey to get help, based on the author’s own experience.

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When Your Child Has . . . Dyslexia

[Marshall, Abigail, and Vincent Iannelli • Adams Media Corp. 2009]

This pocket-sized book by Davis Information Services Director Abigail Marshall provides an easily referenced overview of educational issues related to dyslexia.

Topics covered include: • Understanding Dyslexia • Getting a Diagnosis • Getting Help at School • The IEP Process • Reading Programs • Specialized Therapies • Strategies to Help at Home • Homework & School Accommodations • School Choices from Kindergarten through College

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Dyslexia: practical and easy-to-follow advice

[Temple, Robin • Element 1998]

Robin Temple is the director of Davis Dyslexia Association – Nederland, and a former Davis Workshop Presenter.  This book provide parents with a clear perspective on dyslexia and contrasts traditional approaches to remediation with the more dyslexic-friendly Davis approach.

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