The Gift of Learning

The Gift of Learning

Proven New Methods for Correcting ADD, Math & Handwriting Problems

By: Ronald D. Davis with Eldon M. Braun

This book, written as a companion to The Gift of Dyslexia, provides a detailed overview and step-by-step instructions in methods for addressing math, attention focus, and handwriting problems. Parents and teachers who have been working with students using the Davis reading techniques will find additional exercises they can use to improve other basic learning skills.

The book also includes a special section on motivation, which is the ultimate key to success with Davis tools.  This section explains how to guide students to discover their inner needs and create their own goals that will provide the stimulus for success.

Publication Data

Perigee Trade 2003
Book Finder: ISBN: 978-0399528095


  • Mariana

    Is there an audiobook for the gift of learning or Autism and the seeds of change books?

    • Abigail Marshall, DDAI webmaster

      Sorry, these books do not have pre-recorded audio versions. They may be readable on some E-Book platforms. For example, the product details for both books show that text-to-speech is enabled for the Kindle versions of each book. This would work for some but not all Kindle devices.

  • Stephen G

    Hi I had just listened to Ron Davies The Gift of Dyslexia when he was going through the exercises of centering oneself and then had his participant read until he noticed that they had falling off center he also described the pictures we see in our head or in front of us while looking at the real world around us I personally have noticed that when I go into my mind’s eye as he refers to it my eyes dilate I believe this to be a solid indication of when someone has fallen off center it is my opinion that if there were a pair of glasses with cameras monitoring the eye dilation during the reading process it could indicate and stop the reader when they have fallen off center of course it will have to have a program that recognizes the symptoms but this would allow a teacher to monitor all of her students at the same time instead of so much one-on-one it could tell them how many times in one page a person Loss Center it would also give a record of what word caused them to lose off center it would also provide a scale of progression as to if these incidents are becoming less and less now on a topic of my own growing up in the time that I did I am now 48 when I got out of high school and was at a 3rd grade reading level how could I go on to getting higher education without the ability to spell or read as well as everyone else but I am highly intelligent and know that if I was just exposed to the information whether it be physics or theoretical physics or almost any topic in any branch of learning I believe that I could offer a new view on it when I see something in my mind I follow a logical progression if this occurs are that was invented what might lead to after that and so on and so forth and how may the combination of these uninvented things create other new things sorry if I’m jumping around bit I’m still new at this perhaps this is one of four emails I have ever written in my life I have never been able to pay bills because it causes me too much anxiety I feel like an idiot when I fill out a withdrawal form or apply for a job because all they see is an illiterate and how smart can he be after all well I’d like to have the chance to prove just how smart I am and I don’t know if there’s someone out there who wants to do a study of dyslexics but I propose that one of these people that is doing legitimate studies get together with me have me spend a month in a physics class a month in an engineering class you get the idea I can almost guarantee I can present A New Perspective to a physics teacher or an engineer because I do see things differently and only in the last couple of days after hearing Ron’s book started to believe that it might be possible for me to do this if there is anyone who can help me I would appreciate it

    • Abigail Marshall, DDAI webmaster

      Stephen — if you would like help, you can use our directory to find a Davis Facilitator near you:

    • April

      You are obviously a very intelligent man! I pray you will get the opportunity to use your intelligence to help others and that they see how valuable you are. You were created by God in His image and He will walk you through your struggles. You remind me so much of my son he’s an 8th grader but he reads on a first grade level, BUT he is soooo smart! It really frustrates him that people just see him as dumb because he can’t read. He’s anything but dumb, as are you! So thankful I read your email. I will pray for you, Stephen.

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