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man in libraryThe Davis program was created by a dyslexic adult, based on discoveries made when he managed to correct his own dyslexia at age 38.  The program was developed through continued research with adult volunteers. Davis Facilitators have worked successfully with adults of all ages — even some in their 90’s.

Davis works for adults where other programs have failed because it geared to the way that dyslexics think, and provides adults with tools to enhance their own innate mental strengths. Davis programs are provided in a confidential, one-on-one setting, and individually tailored to individual goals.


I am an IT consultant who works in the software testing aspect of IT; I have built myself a very successful career over about 15 or so years; I have always struggled with reading and writing; although have a great mind for solution and big picture views. I have just completed your amazing course.  For the first time ever in my life I have become excited about reading (I’m nearly 40 years old!) My handwriting has changed so dramatically my wife did not believe it was mine!

Paul, New Zealand - from Optimum Learning

Before doing this program, I would get distracted easily and not finish my work. I am relieved to find out I am dyslexic, and glad I have my new tools. I wish I would’ve done this program sooner, so I didn’t have to struggle for so long.

Weijia, graduate student, age 33, New Jersey - from New Perspectives in Learning

I am embracing the meanings of words into my subconscious. I have improved my reading and am better at reading aloud. I have more confidence in my reading. I can focus easily without working at it.

Male, age 26, Texas - from New Perceptions Learning Center

I’ve been able to understand things I’ve read. Last night, I went to the art museum and was able to read the wall plaques and comprehend!

Male, age 29, Michigan - from New Chapter Learning

I can now stop the dizzy feeling in my head. In the past I’ve talked to my doctor about it and could only describe it to her as “feeling off”. This week I’ve learned that it’s being disoriented AND I can correct it! I can already see improvement in my disorganized way of tackling tasks. I am able to approach things in a more systematic manner and actually complete a job!

Pat, 34 years old, mother of two, Ongario, Canada - from Mind over Dyslexia

Since doing the Davis Reading Programme my concentration, reading and comprehension have become much better. For the first time in my life I have read a whole book from start to finish, word for word. Not only was I able to remember what I’d read, but I could also understand it. My written communication has also improved, which is an important skill to have in my line of work.

A few years ago, I suffered a series of minor strokes which had affected my balance. But since using techniques I learnt during the Davis Reading Programme my stability is better. Together these improvements have helped my confidence greatly.

Peter T, age 65, New Zealand - from Claire Ashmore, Davis Facilitator

I have quietly struggled with dyslexia for many, many years.  Early last year I discovered the Davis Dyslexia Programme.

At the beginning of the course we set clear goals to aim for so I could see my improvement. Throughout the course there were several ah-ha moments when a problem was solved.

Over the years I have done various courses to help me improve my reading speed and spelling but I have found the Davis Dyslexia Programme the most beneficial.

Gillian, Australia - from Dyslexia Unlocked

I am looking forward to reading a book from cover to cover. I’m thinking more when I am writing – I like to be correct and do things in the right way. I am like that at work and now I am like that with writing too. When I wrote my first text yesterday without a single mistake, I felt really happy.

Nick, age 28, Australia - from Sydney Dyslexia


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  • Kara O

    Hi, my partner is dyslexic. we live in Australia. Can you please help?

  • Beth S

    I volunteer a couple of times a week, teaching English to adult refugees. I’ve recently met a woman from the Congo (DNC). She’s extremely bright, tries very very hard, participates very actively in class, and speaks English in complete, nearly perfect sentences. However, when it comes to reading and writing, she’s constantly guessing at words, confusing b’s and d’s and p’s.) Her expectations of herself are so high, and she’s so self-critical. I can’t help but suspect that she might have a learning disability. Could you please recommend how I should get her properly evaluated? I would be willing to help finance this endeavor, if necessary. It’s simply heartbreaking to watch someone try so hard, yet to no avail.

    • Abigail Marshall, DDAI webmaster

      Beth, you may want to contact a local literacy organization for a recommendation as to resources for evaluation.

      Keep in mind that a formal evaluation is not needed in order to begin to help with the problems you describe. The book The Gift of Dyslexia provides enough information for a teacher to get started on using Davis techniques with a student, if you are able to spend some extra time working with your student one-on-one.

  • Wayne M

    I am dyslexia i was diagnosed at the aga 10. I move schools where a learning facility could provide me with the attention i need at this time and so on into high school… i work hard but at the same time was easily distracted by friends and other activities! I am now 41 and live in Cyprus, even though i have had a good life and pushed for my goals! I have always had reading and writing problems, including never reading out loud and even writing my signature my hand is shaking so forms are a nightmare lets say!! For many years i would hide my inner thoughts not letting anyone know my dyslexia! From the outside 6’6″ in good shape no one had a clue… but inside i had pain and fear eating away at my soul for many years. I would love to feel more confident and at ease in correcting my dyslexia. Its been a long hard journey but know one said life is easy…

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