The Dyslexic Reader

The Dyslexic Reader is published regularly by the Davis Dyslexia Association International, and contains news related to Davis programs, and articles of general interest to dyslexic individuals, their families, educators, and therapists.

The newsletter is distributed in paper format to subscribers. Recent issues can also be purchased and downloaded in PDF format from our online store.

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The Dyslexic Reader has been published continuously since 1996.  Many older issues are available in our archives for free viewing online.  The following archived issues are currently available:

Detailed List

Issue 54 (2010) A Davis Graduate Answers a BIG Question
Issue 53 (2009) Allie: Happy, Included and Confident
Issue 52 (2009) Sixteen Amazing Days in New Zealand
Issue 51 (2009) Elbert Elementary - DLS Model School
Issue 50 (2008) Davis Attracts Crowd in Guadalajara, Mexico
Issue 49 (2008) The Fabulous, Famous Dyslexic, Henry Winkler
Issue 48 (2008) Charlotte Foster Named Outstanding Woman in Education
Issue 47 (2008) Celebrating the 12th Anniversary of DDAI
Issue 46 (2007) Davis Honored at World's First Dyslexia Discovery Exhibit
Issue 45 (2007) Profile in Courage
Issue 44 (2007) ReadOn - Positive Outcomes for Students with Reading Difficulties
Issue 43 (2006) The Seven Causes of Handwriting Problems, Part 2
Issue 42 (2006) The Seven Causes of Handwriting Problems, Part 1
Issue 41 (2006) The Engelbrecht Controlled Study of Davis Methods in South Africa
Issue 40 (2005) Announcing ReadOn Interactive Software
Issue 39 (2005) Brain Function, Spell-Reading and Sweep-Sweep-Spell
Issue 38 (2005) Phonics vs. Whole Language
Issue 37 (2004) The Abilities of Those with Reading Disabilities (Part 3)
Issue 36 (2004) The Abilities of Those with Reading Disabilities (Part 2)
Issue 35 (2004) The Abilities of Those with Reading Disabilities (Part 1)
Issue 34 (2004) A Typical ADD Scenario
Issue 33 (2003) Brain Scans Show Dyslexics Read Better with Alternative Strategies
Issue 32 (2003) Much too Early
Issue 31 (2003) Dear Frustrated Mom
Issue 30 (2003) The History of Concept Mastery and Symbol Mastery
Issue 29 (2002) A Special Time for Special Kids
Issue 28 (2002) Thoughts Over Coffee
Issue 27 (2002) Symbol Mastery for Multi-Lingual Students
Issue 26 (2002) Disorientation and Dyslexic Perception
Issue 25 (2001) A Different Look at Attention Deficit Disorder
Issue 24 (2011) Mastering Musical Notes with Davis Symbol Mystery
Issue 23 (2001) Davis Dyslexia Correction Program Outcomes
Issue 21 (2000) A Quest to Understand Dyslexia as a Gifted Education Teacher
Issue 20 (2000) A Dyslexic Child Within the Class
Issue 11 (1997) How Davis Helps Adults and Children Take Control
Issue 10 (1997) Another Look at Clay
Issue 7 (1996) The Building Blocks of Reading
Issue 6 (1996) Focus on Symbol Mastery
Issue 5 (1996) Getting Ready for School
Issue 4 (1996) The Visual-Spatial Thinker








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