Achievers with the Gift of Dyslexia

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Aakash Odedra

Dancer & Choreographer
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Agatha Christie

Mystery Writer, Playwright
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Albert Einstein

Theoretical Physicist; Nobel Prize in Physics (1921)
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Amber Lee Dodd

Playwright and Children's Author
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Andrew Dornenburg

Chef, Author
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Andrew Jackson

U.S. President, Military General, Lawyer
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Andy Warhol

Modern Artist & Filmmaker
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Anja Dembina

Press Officer
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Ann Bancroft

Arctic Explorer
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Annie Crummer in Concert

Annie Crummer

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Ansel Adams

Photographer, Conservationist
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Archer J.P. Martin

Biochemist - Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1952)
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Auguste Rodin

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Writer of children's and young adult fiction
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Bennett Strahan

Visual Artist & Architect
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Bernie Taylor

Author, Outdoorsman
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