Annie Crummer

Annie Crummer in Concert


 I can’t read or write, I can’t read music. Not many people know that about me.


When I was a child it probably wasn’t understood among the Polynesian community at that time what dyslexia was.


I can sing every single note of a chord. That’s my bit of magic, it’s only dyslexia that has managed to fully complement my music, who would have thought?


I’ve made my own system… it means all my instincts and intuition and intellect – my spiritual and soulful intellect – all my senses are cranked up to a billion per cent to translate what society is telling me. Those senses have gotten me through life. Once you tap into that, the skies will just open up and you will see that there is nothing wrong with you, you just receive information and technology a different way. You have to put it through your sense filters.


Dyslexia is a beautiful gift from my mum, it’s magic.

(Quotes from interview with Vicki Anderson at