Anja Dembina

Press Officer

I never imagined I’d be able to work in PR because it involves so much writing – but there’s a lot more to it than that.  Yes, good writing skills are crucial – but I manage! Equally, you also have to be able to sell ideas and stories, create good relationships with people and have the confidence to pick up the phone and chat… Which for me is easy!

I love my job. Every day is different.  When I pick up my phone, I never know what’s coming next…I support journalists, broadcasters and the media with stories they’re working on.

I am a very slow reader and my grammar is appalling. If we didn’t have computers I definitely couldn’t do my job – spell check is my best friend.  It wasn’t until I was at university that I was assessed and told I was dyslexic. They were surprised it had gone undetected for so long but said I had developed my own very sophisticated coping strategies, to get me through.

I’ve never really experienced difficulties. I now just understand that it takes me a while to process information and write my thoughts down clearly. I also have to proof read my work to ensure the grammar is as good as it could be. Practice helps. Writing everyday, especially when it’s for tight deadlines has enabled me to be efficient in what I do.

I definitely think PR is good for dyslexics and anyone who is confident writing copy and has good communication skills. It’s a creative job so perfect for most dyslexics or at least the ones I know anyway!


The quotes above are taken from an interview published at in June 2016.

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