Inside the Davis Program

An Adult Testimonial to the Merits of the Davis Method

Before I can discuss the positively amazing impact the Davis Method has had on my life, first I should give some background about my dyslexia. I was diagnosed as a “severe to extreme” dyslexic while in my 3rd year of study at university. The...

Diary of a Week with a Facilitator

Diary of 13-year-old Bridget Dalton's week with her Davis facilitator Monday I was really excited because I was having a week off school and coming to a place I didn't know and staying in a bed-and-breakfast. But I was also quite nervous, mainly...

Experiences - Reports from Adults

The Davis program was created by a dyslexic adult, based on discoveries made when he managed to correct his own dyslexia at age 38.  The program was developed through continued research with adult volunteers.  Davis Facilitators have worked successfully wi...

Experiences - What Davis Clients Say

Featured feedback about Davis Dyslexia Correction program results from adults, children, parents and teachers.

I can see clearly now: Beating dyslexia with clay

As all  too many parents know , the quest for "solutions" to dyslexia can be a long and frustrating one. But now a new teaching method - in which dyslexics model key words in clay - promises to put an end to the problems of dyslexia once and for ...
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