Davis program for adults


Is there a Davis program geared to adults?


The methods described in the book The Gift of Dyslexia were originally developed for adults.  Ron Davis was 38 when he made the initial discoveries that allowed him to read a book from cover to cover for the first time in his life. He then conducted his early research and experiments with adult dyslexic volunteers.

Davis programs are always done in private, one-on-one setting and are individualized to the needs of the client. The Davis corrective programs for dyslexia, math, attention mastery, and autism are all equally suitable for adults as well as children. There is no upper age limit — Davis Facilitators have even worked successfully with older adults in their 90’s.

Many adults report being inspired, and relieved, when they read or listen to The Gift of Dyslexia. The book explains why they experience difficulties and how these relate to their innate talents and abilities.

Many adults also report that they have benefited just from the insights they gained from reading the book, even if they didn’t try the Davis techniques that the book describes. Several have told us that they were able to pass important exams or get job promotions after reading the book. Of course, this is probably just because the book gave them the boost of confidence they needed to succeed.

When adults do work with Davis providers, they typically progress very quickly. We attribute this to their maturity and high level of motivation.

(Answer by Abigail Marshall)