The Gift of Dyslexia – UK Edition

The Gift of Dyslexia -- British English Edition

Why Some of the Brighest People Can't Read and How They Can Learn

By: Ronald D. Davis with Eldon Braun

The Gift of Dyslexia presents a new, proven technique for correcting the perceptual barrier to reading. The author, himself dyslexic, left school branded as a dunce, but at the age of 38 he made a discovery about perception which enabled him to read a book cover to cover in a few hours, and led him to develop a system that has now helped more than a thousand people to read, write and study like everyone else.

In this book, he describes from personal experience what dyslexia is, how it develops and why it tends to affect people with heightened creative and intuitive abilities. By using these talents in a systematised way, any dyslexic person, whether child or adult, can learn to read fluently.

Publication Data

Souvenir Press Ltd; 3rd Revised edition 21 January 2010
Book Finder: ISBN-13: 978-0285638730

For more information about the Davis program in the U.K., visit Davis Learning Foundation.