John Corrigan

Mystery Writer & Educator

In 1979, prior to many discoveries in the field of learning disabilities, I was broadly diagnosed as “learning disabled, presumed dyslexic” — a theme that resonates through some of my works.

John Corrigan is a teacher, coach, and novelist. He has written a series of five novels about a dyslexic golfer named Jack Austin. Corrigan also writes under the pen names  D.A. Keeley and K.A. Delaney.

I was in 4th grade and we were doing long division in math. For me, it was like steps. It was like I was climbing a hill and for whatever reason, I’d fall. I’d climb the hill again and I’d fall somewhere else.

So I failed math when I was 9 years old.



Nobody really knew much about dyslexia. One of my teachers told my mother, “Just face it. Some kids are slow.” My mom wouldn’t accept that.



Later I met a specialist who said I was a poster boy for dyslexia.

When I got to college I thought I’d major in psychology or criminology, but when I took big lecture classes or took multiple-choice tests, I wasn’t doing well. But, the thing I could always do was write papers.

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