Richard Branson

Entrepreneur; Founder of Virgin Enterprises 🔊 Listen I was seen as the dumbest person in school. Nobody had ever heard of dyslexia. I just looked at the blackboard, it was just a jumble. I had no idea what was going […]

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Craig McCaw

born August 11, 1949 Entrepreneur, Cellular phone pioneer 🔊 Listen Growing up, I had trouble fitting in. As a dyslexic, I don’t think like other people, so I didn’t fit very well in a clique. Dyslexia forced me to be […]

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David Neeleman

Founder of Jet Blue Airways 🔊 Listen I struggled a lot in school. I really had a hard time with standardized tests, staying focused and absorbing information from a written page into my brain. It was tough. I thought I […]

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