My battle with dyslexia

My battle with dyslexia: I once was lost but have now found myself

from Daily Nation

Published on 06/11/2018 - Reported by Millicent Mwololo
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My name is Kendi Kamanja Oketch. By the time I was in Standard Four, I was already struggling with reading and comprehension. I always came last whenever we sat an exam.

This year, I decided to seek help and my first stop was online, where I started looking for information about my condition. I knew that there was an inconsistency about my “stupidity”. I was good with numbers but poor in language and self-expression. I googled my insecurities and dyslexia came up. Finally, I could put a name to what was ailing me.

Online resources led me to Dyslexia Africa, a provider of the Davis Dyslexia Correction method — a US programme—found in Westlands, Nairobi. I contacted them and booked for an assessment.  This awareness of my problem gave me peace of mind.