Separating fact from fiction

Dyslexia: Separating Fact from Fiction

from WSAW

Published on 03/17/2014
Featuring the work of Anne Mataczynski

Anne Mataczynski with GEM Learning Center dispelled some common myths about Dyslexia.

MYTH #1: Dyslexia is only about turning around letters or numbers.
FACT #1: Turning letters is one characteristic of dyslexia, but there are many more characteristics. Each individual will have their own set of characteristics, which may or may not contain turning letters around. If you can say yes to 10 or more of these characteristics, then you are probably dealing with dyslexia.

MYTH #2: Dyslexia is a disability.
FACT: 2: Davis facilitators believe dyslexia is a gift because of their picture thinking learning style. However, if dyslexics aren’t taught using this learning style they may struggle in a normal educational setting. We all begin life as picture thinkers. However, as we acquire a language, 80% of the population becomes word thinkers, while 20% stay picture thinkers. Picture thinking learning style means primarily thinking with visual images. So when dyslexics see a symbol (letter or number) that do not produce a mental image they get confused. This confusion causes mistakes, which leads to the next myth.