Dyslexia and medication


Can dyslexia be treated with medication?


Dyslexia is not a disease, and thus medication will not cure a person with dyslexia, nor will it help with the dyslexia itself. Rather, dyslexia is the result of a different style of thinking and learning, and is best addressed through educational counseling or tutoring.

Sometimes individuals find that certain medications can help with some symptoms of dyslexia. For example, medicines might help a person stay focused or handle headaches or nausea experienced with reading. However, this approach does nothing to help the underlying learning problems. Many prescription medicines have potentially dangerous side effects, and use of medication to treat symptoms could lead to long-term dependency.

Unfortunately, some people mistake the alleviating of symptoms for a cure, and for that reason promote the use of medications to treat learning difficulties. This can be a problem if it prevents students from seeking or obtaining the educational support that they need.

(Answer by Abigail Marshall)

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