Dyslexia is not a disease


Can dyslexia be cured?


There is no cure for dyslexia:  dyslexia is not a disease, and it is not the result of a brain injury or defect. Dyslexic people think primarily in pictures, not words, and have difficulty learning to work with symbols such as letters or numerals. When they are confused or frustrated as children, they begin to experience distorted perceptions, such as reversals of letters, and develop life-long learning blocks that hamper their progress.

The problems that prevent learning can be corrected. That is, dyslexic children and adults can learn to recognize and to control the mental state that results in distorted perceptions, thus eliminating this problem. They can also learn new and more effective approaches to reading, writing, spelling, or math calculation, and thus overcome problems at school or work.

The concept of correction is different than cure, because a after a Dyslexia Correction program the person is still dyslexic.  They still have all the positive traits associated with dyslexia, and they will from time to time experience challenges because of their dyslexia. However, dyslexia correction provides the person with the ability to control their dyslexia and to learn to do things that once caused difficulty well, despite their dyslexia.