Doing the Davis program at home


Can I do this program on my own, just by reading the book?


A parent working at home cannot replicate the comprehensive program that is offered by experienced Davis Facilitators.

However, the book The Gift of Dyslexia contains enough basic information about the Davis approach, and the theory behind it, to enable parents, tutors, or teachers to begin working with students on their own.

A dyslexic teenager or adult cannot work entirely by themselves to use the methods explained by the book, but they may be able to work successfully with the help of a friend or family member.

Many people have experienced great success just from following the steps laid out in the book. The degree of success varies depending on the abilities and level of motivation of the students and their helpers.

Many people choose to supplement the book with other Davis materials available at our online store. A home kit containing all needed materials is a available.

Parents and other helpers are also welcome to attend our 4-Day Gift of Dyslexia workshops. This workshop might be especially helpful for parents who are homeschooling or supporting two or more children at home.

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