Repeating a Grade


Should my child repeat the second grade?


A child who experiences problems associated with dyslexia, such as reversals(was/saw) and inability to recognize the “small” words (on, the), needs specialized help. The child will not grow out of these problems on her own, and merely repeating a grade will not help. These problems are a barrier to reading that must be addressed.

Repeating a grade often only makes things worse for a child, because it can be used as a reason to delay getting the proper help the child needs. It is also damaging to the child’s self-esteem, and can deprive the child of exposure to age-appropriate instruction in areas other than reading.

Sometimes it might be appropriate for a child to repeat a grade for other reasons, such as if the child was already one of the youngest in the class, or if the child has missed a large number of school days due to illness or other family problems.

However, unless these other factors exist, it is usually best for the child to continue to advance with to the next grade, along with implementation of a plan to arrange additional support where needed.

(Answer by Abigail Marshall)