Ashbaugh – 2016

Authors: Alyssa Ashbaugh.

Article: Multi-Sensory Techniques in Spelling Instruction: An Action Research Study for Students with Dyslexia.

Publication: Master's Thesis (Otterbein University). 2016

The purpose of this action research project was to use instructional inquiry to study multisensory spelling instruction with a single fourth grade student diagnosed with dyslexia. Multisensory teaching techniques and strategies stimulate learning by engaging students on multiple levels encouraging students to use some or all of their senses. To examine the effectiveness of multisensory teaching techniques in spelling, I conducted pre- and post assessments of two spelling inventories, collected weekly dictated sentences, identified writing samples from his classroom, and had conversations with the student and the student’s teacher. The student continued to receive intervention services as previously scheduled twice every six days for forty-five minutes. During these sessions multisensory techniques were taught and reviewed using his current spelling lists. Pre-assessment targeted dictations occurred every six days before a new phonics feature was introduced. Post assessments occurred every six days after the completion of the multisensory spelling treatment. I built reliability in my findings by triangulating data resources and combining methodologies. Limitations of this study include the single participant, single grade level, single teacher bias in scoring, collection of writing samples and multiple teacher instruction. This student also received extra support in the area of writing and math.