Authors: T.M. Centanni , D. Pantazis, D.T. Truong, J.R. Gruen, J.D.E. Gabrieli, T.P. Hogan.

Article: Increased variability of stimulus-driven cortical responses is associated with genetic variability in children with and without dyslexia.

Publication: Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience . In Press, Available online 26 May 2018 2018 | DOI: 10.1016/j.dcn.2018.05.008

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• Quantified variability in evoked neural responses of children with and without dyslexia.
• A subset of children with dyslexia had significantly higher variability in cortex.
• Higher variability observed in auditory and visual domains in multiple reading network nodes.
• Risk alleles in KIAA0319 were related to degree of variability in auditory cortex.
• Results support unstable neural responses as a mechanism for some cases of dyslexia.

Tagged as: disorientation

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