Authors: Eskandari, Sajjad, Kakabarai, Keyvan, Hosseini, Saeedeh Sadat, Amiri, Hassan..

Article: The Effectiveness of Davis Training on Improving Student Reading, Planning and Organizing Skills.

Publication: Empowerment of Exceptional Children (Iranian Scientific Association of Exceptional Children,). 10 (3), 45-54 2019 | DOI: 10.22034/ceciranj.2019.192979.1228

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Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of Davis education on improving reading skills, planning and organizing students with learning disabilities.

Method: The present research method was a quasi-experimental semi-experimental post-test with a control group. The statistical population included all children with learning disabilities in learning disabilities centers 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Kermanshah in the academic year 1398-1397. The statistical sample consisted of 30 students who were selected by simple random sampling method and assigned to two experimental groups (15 students) and witnesses (15 students). First, the Colorado Learning Problem Questionnaire (Wilcott et al., 2011) was completed for both groups (by parents) and then the London Tower test (Shalis, 1982). The experimental group participated in Davis training sessions. The group did not receive a certificate of education. The questionnaires were then completed for both groups by the parents and the two groups took the London Tower test. Data were analyzed by covariance analysis statistical test.

Results: The results of analysis of covariance showed that the mean scores of post-test reading, planning and organization skills in the experimental group were significantly increased compared to the control group.

Conclusion: Based on the research findings, it can be concluded that Davis training method improves reading skills by identifying problems related to dyslexia and by focusing on thought processes, increases a person’s ability to organize and plan skills.


Eskandari, Sajjad, Kakabarai, Keyvan, Hosseini, Saeedeh Sadat, Amiri, Hassan. (1398). The effectiveness of Davis teaching on improving reading skills, planning and organizing students with learning disabilities. Empowerment of Exceptional Children , 10 (3), 45-54. doi: 10.22034 / ceciranj.2019.192979.1228

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