Authors: Heidari, Taher, Shole Amiri, and Hosein Molavi.

Article: Effect of the Davis training method on self-concept children with dyslexia.

Publication: Journal of Behavioral Sciences . Volume 6, Number 2: 11-12 (Summer) 2012

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Randomized Controlled Studies – Iran, 2012: Researchers from the University of Isfahan randomly selected and assigned 20 dyslexic third-grade boys to an experimental group or control group. The experimental group received 16 half-hour sessions of Davis-based tutoring. Students were tested prior to intervention, at the conclusion of the intervention sessions, and again at 1 year, 3 months.

  • Psychological Study: Result showed that through the Davis intervention method, the educational, athletic, and social self-concept of dyslexic children increased.

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