Heidari T-2012

Authors: Heidari T, Amiri Sh, Molavi H.

Article: Effectiveness of Davis Dyslexia Correction Method on Reading Performance of Dyslexic Children.

Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (Shahid Beheshti University (Iran)). 6(2(22)):41-58, Summer 2012

Randomized Controlled Studies – Iran, 2012: Researchers from the University of Isfahan randomly selected and assigned 20 dyslexic third-grade boys to an experimental group or control group. The experimental group received 16 half-hour sessions of Davis-based tutoring. Students were tested prior to intervention, at the conclusion of the intervention sessions, and again at 1 year, 3 months.

  • Reading Study: The experimental group showed statistically significant gains in tests of word reading, word chains rhymes, word recognition and non-word reading, which were sustained over time.

Excerpts from Full Text / Notes:

The research was an experimental one with pretest and posttest including a control group. The whole population was 55, 824 dyslexic students among which 20 dyslexic students were selected through random sampling multi interval method and were randomly assigned to experimental and control group