Horwitz-Rumsey 1998

Authors: B. Horwitz, J. M. Rumsey, and B. C. Donohue.

Article: Functional connectivity of the angular gyrus in normal reading and dyslexia.

Publication: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 95(15): 8939–8944 1998

Using positron emission tomography , we demonstrate in normal men that regional cerebral blood flow in the left angular gyrus shows strong within-task, across-subjects correlations (i.e., functional connectivity) with regional cerebral blood flow in extrastriate occipital and temporal lobe regions during single word reading. In contrast, the left angular gyrus is functionally disconnected from these regions in men with persistent developmental dyslexia, suggesting that the anatomical disconnection of the left angular gyrus from other brain regions that are part of the “normal” brain reading network in many cases of acquired alexia is mirrored by its functional disconnection in developmental dyslexia.

Tagged as: altbrain and wordmeaning

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