Authors: Théano Panagiotopoulou.

Article: La dyslexie et les difficultés qu’elle peut poser à l’établissement de la relation pédagogique.

Publication: Master's Thesis (Université Paris 8). 2012

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This thesis explores the impact that dyslexia has on the relationship between students and teachers.  Dyslexic children usually experience difficulties with academic performance and with communication. Teachers who do not understand the needs of the dyslexic children may use methods that undermine the sense of self-esteem and increase the level of difficulty and frustration experienced in a school setting — for example, through forced repetition of difficult tasks such as writing words and sentences.   The paper explores ways that a more positive and productive teacher/student relationship may be established.

The paper is authored by a Davis Facilitator and includes a detailed case study of the progress of a highly motivated 23-year-old woman through a standard 5-day Davis Dyslexia Correction program, with a focus on the emotional response of the student as she progressed.

The thesis was completed at Université Paris 8  and the full text is in French.

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